My Projects This a list of some of my personal web projects

Nuuleap Blog

Started October 2015, I created this blog to write short posts about helpful tips which I have discovered and have not found elsewhere on the web.


Started September 2015, This Android app is built using the Ionic framework, it allows users to rate pictures of other users, upload their own and see who has the best pictures of the week

Free Blackcoin Games

Started August 2014, With over 38,000 registered users, this blackcoin faucet site allows users to frequently play mini games and win small amounts of blackcoins in return, users then get to withdraw the blackcoin to their wallet.

Age Perception

Started June 2014, This simple calculator helps you find out how much time you perceive to ahve left in your life, it stores your calculations and creates an account for you automatically, and using the url provided you can return to view you past calculations at any time.